Disable 4K on add-ons

My internet speed will not allow 4K video on certain add-ons that don’t give me the ability to run the 1080P. Is there a way to eliminate the 4K so I can choose a 1080P STREAM. I am using nvidia shieldtv and the build is Kodi 19.3 Diggz xenon matrix v. 6.4 rd

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You can try looking here


Also, if your inet speed won’t play 4k there is tons of 1080p options for virtually everything.

Just don’t click the 4k links?


The problem is, the seren, fen, and venom add-ons for this build give me no choice. I see no 1080p or 720p options, it goes straight to a 4k stream. otherwise, I would just choose a 1080p stream. I have been using kodi with various builds for about three years now and never had this problem.


That’s interesting as I have seren crew with rd debrid and a few scrappers and it always gives me all the options available depending on what I’m watching.

You may have to go into your settings of the actual addon and look at scrapper settings.

I’m sure there is a option in there, I’m not in front of my box currently.

Seren uses A4k which pulls everything I need including 1080p.

With real debrid linked with it should get everything. Go through your add on settings. Also install the crew.

Kodi video.


I go through this in my VIDEO about the crew add-on. You also need to go through your Kodi video settings and change your maximum resolution to 1080.


Sounds like the preconfigured settings have “auto select source” turned on if it doesn’t give you the option to select a different link. If those are the only addons you use I would start fresh and reinstall them one at a time without a build. I dislike Kodi builds. But it should be possible to still get into the settings. Sometimes it’s easier to change the skin back to the stock estuary skin to configure your settings and then change it back.


Thanks for the response guys. I fixed it from the settings menu in the individual add-ons thru playback/source options.
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