Diggz Xenon Plus 7.0

Diggz Xenon Plus 7.0 is now available. Very impressive!!!

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I have been looking at this today, and the update is good.

Keep in mind everyone who does builds they are resource intensive. If you just want tv shows and movies single addons are good. Before using a build make sure you have power to your device and the storage. The more ram and storage the better the build will run


I like Xenon+ 7.0 a lot, especially how a single search will return links for all of my video addons. The problem is, it can be very slow, mainly when starting–sometimes more than 5 minutes–even when I do things like deleting the kodi cache, rebooting my firestick 4k max, etc. (I have Kodi on my usb thumbdrive, so it isn’t taking up too much space on the stick itself.) If I want to use only the included addons for TMDB, Seren, Venom, the Crew, and the Oath: 1) Will it speed things up if I turn off automatic updates (or disable or uninstall) for all the program addons and repositories those four video addons don’t use, and (2) which addons and repositories do these addons need, and how do I determine which ones they don’t need? Alternatively, is there a build that integrates just these five addons–TMDB, Seren, Venom, The Crew, and the Oath–or perhaps a way to integrate them if installed separately so one TMDB search covers all of them? I realize I may be asking basic things that are covered elsewhere, but I haven’t been able to find the information, or at least find it in a form that a non-tech person like myself can understand.

I’m still learning this stuff, i don’t want to give any bad advice but maybe if you post that on a new thread more people will see it and you should get some responses.


This question could have been it’s own topic, I’m not going to split it as the answer is not really.

Builds are done differently and have their own addons. You can install addons to the build but it just unnecessary and takes more space then needed.

There is ways. If you need help you can make a topic, try to use the search function frist to be sure.

For now this topic will be closed as this build is updated and thank you @mgottes for letting us know.

It will slove issues, anyone willing to try it make sure kodi is updated to 19.3 first.

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