Diggz Xenon issues?

Ive been using this build for a few months and ive been pretty happy with it. 2 nights ago i went to start watching something on the tv guide section and none of them were working, it would think about it and then boot me back to the firestick homepage. I tried to delete it, update kodi, reinstall build following steps provided, but niw im getting an error message about an invalid zip url when the install starts. Is it something im doing wrong? Is the build having issues? Is there another build with similar features that i should consider switching to? Thanks in advance

i have that build when it happened to me i cleared cache in firestick settings

ps ref url it does that but after a few tries it will load up

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Yeah normally it takes 2 to 6 tries but it didn’t work all last night for me. I ended up putting Kodi XontriX on my wife’s tv box

not heard of that build will try it i prefer builds that dont clutter up the screen

Update. Diggz Xenon is working again. Did a fresh install earlier. :ok_hand:

Thank guys for your help

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