Diggz Xenon installation problem

Anyone else having any issues with getting Diggz Xenon to download and install? Ive tried using kodi 19.3 and 19.4. Tried both the Chef Matrix Wizzard and the Chef Matrix GUI wizzards. Both go as expected until the download and install point and they fail to download with an Invalid zip Url error message…All other builds within the repository appear to be functioning properly.


I am experiencing the same issue. Unfortunately I deleted and reinstalled Kodi on one of my devices so Xenon 7.8 is gone and 8.1 won’t dnld. Anyone know how to retrieve prior versions?

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thier facebook group says it will be fixed in couple days


I am having the same problem and I noticed that this is supposed to be fixed in a couple of days.

John Veal

Okay, been more than a few days, anyone have an update? Is Diggz dead? It was noted last month (April 2023) as the #2 build. There must be an new url.