Diggz xenon cable channels not working

Diggz xenon cable channels not working keep saying check the log somebody help!!!

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Try to do some research as well, I don’t use that build and if it’s free it’s a good possibility that free iptv stopped working or the build devs shut it off.


What would be a good build to use instead of diggz xenon

Good question, and I hope to read a few answers here. I have found the Xenon Free build to be quite problematic. It frequently loses my weather settings. USTVGO works and then it doesn’t work. The build frequently sheds its skin back to the default Estuary.
But, it has so much to offer and coming from the Durex, Xanax following, it seemed like the natural progression.
Hey, who am I to complain. I cut the cord and apart from approx 12 euro a month for a super fast internet connection which includes a 100 channel TV box I watch everything US/UK at no cost through either a Kodi build or an Android app.

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I actually do like this build that’s why I’m pissed because the ustvgo is not working still I liked it because it came with the onscreen guide I hope they fix it I don’t know who to report rhat problem too though

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When It comes to favs we all have our opinion…so in the build catagory my fav is the Doomzday repo. There are several builds in there with one you are sure to like. My fav doomzday is the sports 101 but dont be fooled by the sports part. Its loaded with movies etc.

I’m having the same problem with USTVGO…at least the PVR channels are working and there’s a lot of the same channels

Right it still cuts out on me I’m lost as to what to do now and then I installed tvtap and that works when it wants to

So is there some other build I can use that will work for the ustvgo with the onscreen guide?

I don’t know about builds, but I use just the Mad Titan addon and the ustvgo works on mine.

The Crew add-on also has USTVGO

Oh ya I know. It does work for me but not as good as Mad Titan. I added The Crew again a couple of days ago. Trying to find out how the sources work and what the letters in the brackets mean at the end of a stream link. (SC) as an example and just which ones actually provide good working links to streams.

Mad titan messes up also how can I fix it do you know

Mine suddenly just stopped working. I simply uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s been fine since.

Where do I find that at I’m fairly new to learning how to get builds and stuff

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See the search glass at the top. Search for Mad Titan.v

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How do I uninstall it and get it back

The url is:

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FYI …I just cheked ustvgo on doomzday bk build and while its not working with the stand alone ustv it is working on madtitan… go figure

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Thanks for the info I APPRICIATE it