Diggz Xenon Burst Free release

I just got the prompt to update Diggs Xenon from 3.5 to 3.6 and noticed there’s a new version 1.00 for VPN users called “Burst Free”.
Does any have any info on this build and whether it’s more secure?
I already use Real Debrid, as well as a VPN.

Made the mistake of updating to 3.6, and now nothing works. Not sure why. Tried to go back to 3.5, but couldn’t find a way to do that. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to share!

I updated and dont have a problem. Just needed to set up the tv epg again. Debrid was already to go. Just download the addons that arent default. What are you having problems with? Did you try to redownload? Sometimes if you download with errors some things wont work.

Everything in favorites does not work. Goes to “files” when I click on any of them. Same thing with tv shows or movies. I will try to re-download and see if that works. I did re-authorize real debrid.

Yeah…sounds you need to redownload. Make sure you give it time load up when you update. Sometimes the things running in the background need to set up. Ive noticed that it may kick me out a few times when i update but after one or two times the build is good to go.

Not sure about the “Burst free” download but the 3.6 version had a “Free” section.

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Ok, I have re downloaded it twice, and it’s still not working. Usually I can figure these things out, but this one has me stuck. I have checked every setting i can think of, everything looks good. I hate to delete the entire thing and start over?

Is it just the Favorites that you are having trouble with? What did you put there and are there still addons available for them to connect to?

For example: the TVAPP is not part of 3.6 so the links in Favorites would have no where to go. There may be other changes like this that effect your favorites.

Well, after a frustrating hour of trying to get various Addon’s to load, and getting nothing but error messages, I finally remembered the first rule when things won’t work. Unplug it and plug it back in. A real forehead slapping moment, to be sure. Lol. It all seems to be working, albeit a little different. Time for a drink! Thanks for your help!,

Good to hear. Its an IT lesson straight out of “Skyscraper”. Lol

i did the same thing lost all my super favorites folders where i had everything catorized its on my firestik non recoverable

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When I click on a movie , kodi closes n sends me to am home screen , help pleez ?