Diggz Xenon Build is Back and Updated

Diggz Xenon Plus was just updated to version 7.7 and is now working great again! This build was offline for a few days being updated by its developers.


What is the adult password for the xenon build?

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Thanks for letting us know it was alive again. I was trying to use this about the time it had problems. Was pulling my hair out thinking about what i did wrong.Should of visited here a day or two earlier. i’d still have hair.LMAO. :v:

Seems like it is still down as at Sat 26 Feb?
Anyone else had success?

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I installed it and it’s great! Maybe if you have an older build of it, from when it last worked, you might want to do a fresh install!! If you follow the guide above it steps it out for you and real easy to understand! The guide also starts off with recommending a reset of Kodi first and then using a fresh install of the build!!

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Is this a good build for a firecube or is it too bloated