Diggz installed - no Kodi screen anymore ;-(

I installed Diggz after reinstalling Kodi (latest) and Fen. Now I open Kodi and it goes right to Diggz. I played a movie (real debrid installed) and it played on a black screen. Please help.

I’m thinking I’ll have to uninstall kodi to get out of this mess. Even going back to firestick home page and clearing cache on Kodi w/backround apps doesn’t help.

When I installed Diggz I thought it was an addon like Fen. It takes control of everything!

Thanks for any help.

Go into settings, interface, skin and change back to Estuary. Changing skins is how you change builds etc.

Thanks! I was able to figure it out and set it back to estuary. I installed FEN before I installed Diggz but now I don’t see it. How do I get FEN to populate in my addons?

BTW movie is playing fine now.

I could never get the diggz repo to download. tried multiple times

Did you end up unistalling Diggz and starting over with a fresh kodi install? I don’t see a way to go to settings and change back to Estuary. If you got it to work without starting over, can you let me know how? Thanks. also tagging @Bh69ss

If you go into System/Settings whichever it is in the menu of the build then click Interface, then click Skin you can change it back to Estuary. @Livininleroy

There’s just no option to reset to estuary. The bottom where it says skin reset only reloads xenon.

May have to live with it until I can install the promise again, that is why I don’t want to lose all of my settings in Kodi because the promise is still on my device, but I can’t add it currently anywhere.

Thanks for trying to help

You’re in the wrong section. Go back to the main menu under Diggz Xenon where it says Kodi Settings instead of Skin Settings. Click that and then click Interface. First option at the top will let you change the skin to Estuary.

@Tech2 , thanks! That worked. At first when I did that and went back in it went back to Diggz, but then I did it again and it appears to have worked. Thanks.

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