Diggs Xenon problem

Installed Xenon. Now when I open it and click on anything, I get working in lower right hand corner. Just keeps spinning. I never see anything to chose from. On firetv and kodi 19.3



Make sure you have the proper build version for 19.3

Otherwise may run into issue. Try a fresh install.

Build on kodi for 19


Thanks. I’ll try a fresh install

Try cleaning the kodi cache. Open settings select on the main home page. Scroll over the applications. Click Applications. Select manage installed applications . Scroll down to kodi click kodi. Click clear cache and force stop then launch application


I’ve tried the fresh install and still nothing

I tried to clear the cache and now Kodi won’t launch at all

You need to let it update when you first boot it up.
Then you will need it to update every time you boot it . You just need to be patient

I have been having the same problem since I tried to install Diggz Xenon Plus 6.6 build on Kodi 19.3. Is there anyone who is actually using that combination?

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I uninstalled mine and just went with Kodi and a couple of addons. Less headache and much faster.


:roll_eyes: I did the same. I think it was using all my internal memory. Firestick 4K
Went back to Kodi 19.3 and a couple of addons.

using it successfully for a while now


I usually wait for Xenon weather and movie widgets to appear before using. Lately I have to launch two times for it to work. Seems to be freezing on first try, no widgets, and when I click anything get waiting message. Same thing trying to force close. I hit home to exit Kodi and then force close and clear cache. Second time works like a charm.

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Exactly the same for me. If I haven’t been in Kodi for awhile, then I open it, I always wait for the weather info to show up and sometimes it just never does so I get out, force Kodi to stop, clear cache, go back in and it has always worked on the second try.

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So I go about uninstalling xenon from kodi? I’d like to go back to just having a couple Addons like the crew and seren

If you “clear data” on the Kodi app, it should eliminate the build and let you start fresh.

How sis uninstall xenon from
kodi?? I want to do the same

When kodi boots up it goes right into
Xenon, I don’t see the settings for

Thank you, I think I got it!!