Digging Matrix Debrid only Will NOT open

I followed the install instructions to the letter about 5 times. Everything installs but when trying to open an add on such as Seren, it just whirls around at the bottom right, saying “working” but never opens. How can I get this to work?

Hi @Homerdaisy
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Have a look around using the search function above. Since Kodi updated to version 19.3, some of the popular Kodi builds have been having problems.
Suggest you uninstall Kodi and install fresh version of Kodi, using the Downloader and and typing Troypoint.com/kodistable in the search bar.
Once it downloads, click install.
Once it install, open it and only install a couple of add-ons (The Crew, Seren, etc), and I use real-debrid.
Good luck.


Have you linked Kodi to debrid in manage dependencies.via resolve url. then before you link any apps with real debrid clear cache in every app. that worked for me.


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Thank you. I followed your suggestion and everything works fine now. The Diggz Matrix build just didn’t want to work for me. It was a nice build but not very useful if it won’t open any addons. Thanks for your help.