Different IPVanish Versions on Amazon App Store and Google Play

On my Nvidia shield I loaded IP Vanish from Google play store and it put on version which gives you a monitor dot that is fixed in the lower right corner. You can turn the feature off/on in settings. I tried the same thing on my Fire TV from Google store at it loaded version, no monitor dot so I still run MonitorDot.com on there. Is anyone else seeing this? I can’t find an option that lets me choose a different version. Wanted to check here first before contacting support.

Hello, not 100% sure about this but I don’t think the monitor dot will work on older Fire TV devices. That may be why you aren’t getting the same version as you are through Google TV.

I like this new feature with the monitor dot built in. I hope they enable this feature for firestick in the near future.

Thanks for your response

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@tequilabob, please ping us at management@ipvanish.com, we’ll help get this sorted for you.

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