Difference between Kodi and IPTV?

Noob to IPTV…I never got into the Kodi app years ago at its’ height. Now I’m into IPTV very much so and am trying all the different apps to play my playlist on. Smarters, TVM, IMPlayer…etc… I love IPTV, it doesn’t cost a lot and it very solid for what I need it for.
That being said and not to sound dumb here…but what exactly is Kodi and what could I use it for? Does it work for IPTV…or is all just free apps?

Hi @ehayes2476
So Kodi is a streaming platform to play movies and TV shows. When you side load add-ons onto Kodi, and depending on which add-ons you choose, you can also watch live TV.
Some people on this forum, use both Kodi and IPTV, especially when used with TiviMate. It really is an individual preference and what kind of experience you are wanting.

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you can use iptv inside some kodi builds – i know zenon plus you can i dont do that i tend to use the iptv providers app i have a couple inside trimate but i have had a coupple issues with that kodi gives me the way to seach any show any movie and find links real debrid makes a hugh differance in links adding trakt lets me keep track of esipodes watched
i have tried the stand alone apps but something like zenon plus i have a better chance to find a good link to what i want

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