Did I miss something

Tried to play a movie on Mecool KM3 and had no sound, will play fine with MX player. Same movie on Firestick 4K had no problems at all. What am I missing ?

Different codec specs on different devices. You can always check the specs on a vid and see if your device supports those specs. Some native media players don’t support some codecs where MX Player and VLC Media Player will support those codecs.

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Don’t know why Android TV 10 wouldn’t have the same code as MX. Anyone else with Android TV 10 have this problem?

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It isn’t necessarily Android 10, it may just be the native player in what ever app you are using. Not all media players are created equal.

Well that really throws a wrench in things, as both are running Tivimate 4.0

But it’s the player you use in the app and I’ve found very few apps that you can’t go into the settings of the app and choose to use what ever player you want. This is a very easily fixed issue that we’ve all experienced. Honestly this isn’t a big deal, it’s easily fixed by choosing a player that you install onto your device like MX Player Pro or VLC Player.

You can turn on the external player for all channels by going into Settings → Playback → Use External Player. However, that means ALL of your channels use External Player from then on and you lose some of the Tivimate features such as channel zapping. If the sound issue only effects a few channels it might be better to set up External Player for those channels only. To do that: From TV Guide highlight the channel. Long press OK/RETURN. A menu will pop up on the right. Go to the “Add Favorites” star. A popup will come up to the left. Choose “Channel Options”. Here you have the ability to assign the External Player for that channel, not all channels.

May be missing my point, channels work fine. Only happens with VOD movies and only on certain ones not all. The ones that have problems on Android TV 10 play fine on FS 4K. Both using Tivimate internal player. Everything is the same except one is FS 4 K and the other is Mecool KM3 so different OS. I must be missing a step in the Mecool, Android OS is a little more complicated to set up


If you are using a iptv service and using their vod and it has issues its most likely their service or server.

I always recommend vod service with what troypoint recommends.


Iptv service are always up and down and not always reliable.

Still missing it, I can start the movie in one room and walk into another room start the movie, one has sound the other don’t. Same service, same internet connection, same app, same everything, but boxes. Has to be in settings on the new Mecool, but where


And as mentioned above, your km3 might not have the codec required to have sound for the movie your playing.

You might be able to bypass that by using a fully loaded media player like vlc. I suggest installing vlc on your km3 and try again.

Your device audio settings are not configured for the correct output. If you are trying to play a movie with 7.1 audio channel for example and you don’t have anything more than the speakers in your TV then it isn’t going to be compatible. Don’t play any links that say things like DTS-MA or TrueHD if you don’t have a setup that can support it.

Just installed FS 4K on the HDMI 2 on the tv. Started same movie on both boxes, switching between input 1 and input 2 gives the same results as before. One has sound and the other one doesn’t. Can someone with android tv 10 tell what me what the audio setting should be


Once again I believe it’s a codec issue.

Km3s hardware codec:

Decoder Format: H.263,H.264,H.265,HD MPEG4
Audio format: AAC,FLAC,MP3,OGG,RM,WMA

Which is why I suggested you run vlc and tell me if it made a difference

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Firestick 4K Max Audio Specs.

Dolby Atmos, 7.1 surround sound, 2-channel stereo and HDMI audio pass through up to 5.1

Easy to see the Audio difference imho.

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It won’t harm much if you just go into your device settings, go to audio settings, restore back to default. See if that does anything before you mess around with anything more complex.


Sounds like it’s a problem with the OS on the Mecool. The movie I was try to watch was in Dolby 5.1 and has no sound. FS 4K ( not Max don’t know why that came into the mix ) has no problem with sound neither does MX. All audio settings are in default mode, Only has 4 options and an auto setting. Seen another thread poster had same problem, never posted a fix if he ever found one.


From what I’m reading km3 doesn’t support dd or dd+ only 2 channel audio.

You could try enable Hdmi audio pass-through. Once again this is a codec problem.

I have suggested on multiple sessions to install vlc and try playing that movie with that player. Or look for 2 channels audio. Go into your audio settings and enable hdmi audio pass-through


When people ask me why I spent the money on a shield…


Tivimate has audio pass through, Mecool km3 has dd dd+ dts and aac
Don’t know what the last two are. I’ll check them all and see what happens. Thought codes were in OS and if that’s the case maybe it’s not a licensed version. If I’d known this before I would of switched to a different brand

Codecs are in the media player app. Some, like VLC and MX Pro have the most and latest codecs, that’s why Dracoo suggested installing VLC.