Did Fen Kodi Addon Autoupdate?

hey guys i have Fen installed version 3.2.01 not sure if that is the latest verison on my nvidia shied pro also kodi version is 20.2 ,i also see coco scrapers, not sure if that got installed by adding a few different addons to kodi like loop,daddylive ,seren,crew,mad titan sports but when i check Fen it already updated coco scrapers and all is working but i never updated Fen so i guess it updated by itself thanks for any feedback

I’ve had FEN for awhile and really liked it. But apparently mine auto-updated several weeks ago and it really changed. I can’t really explain it but it just seemed that many of the old movie choices just don’t show up like they originally did. One other thing that changed was how the movie options were displayed. It want to a display mode rather than a List display. Fortunately, Troy coached me how to change the display back to the List mode.

I was thinking that FEN was the best addon after being a The Crew fanboy for quite some time. But after the update I just don’t use it any longer

so has anyone else have Fen update its coco scrapers on its own?i believe it happen to me not sure how because i never manually updated the coco scrapers thanks for any feedback