Device that is built solid with plenty of memory and ram... better than firestick but not $300


I was getting pretty tired of Firestick b.s. and constantly running out of memory (even using OTG and a flash drive) because Amazon keeps putting their junk on the stick gobbling up base memory. Per Troy suggestion, I tried the Tivo stick–it programmed ok but I think it is a little clunky. Several weeks ago, I set up the walmart unit (ONN) for $20 and was amazed at its performance…easily out performs firestick…comes with 8 gig of ram but doesn’t have all the junk that is on a firestick…I loaded up netflix, prime, 5 apks including Cinema, cyberflix, nova, ocean streams and Syncler, kodi with four sideloads including Crew, Seren, nine lives and one other…I also loaded up Wolf launcher (no problems whatsofever). With all these things loaded and no OTG or extra memory sticks, I still have 1.5 g of memory remaining. The unit runs fast and snappy. I was so please with this device I bought 4 additional units and told my friends to buy them before Walmart raises the price…No, I don’t work for walmart :joy:

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Too bad us Canadians can’t get the ONN box from Walmarts up here in Canuckistan! :grin:

I’d love to be able to put one of these things through it’s paces!


Have you had any luck loading spectrum tv


Hi there. I’ve been using NVidia Shield now since 2015 and have never had an issue. It’s the best and extremely easy to use. Tons of videos to teach yourself how to install and adjust what you want to add. I’m also helpful if you need it. :blush::sunflower:


I been had it with firesticks … I bought 2 Z11 Pros and now I’m extremely happy !!!


Why is that?

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Just a friendly FYI in case you really want to try something similar to the Walmart ONN. Try the Dynalink Android TV box. Both are made by Askey. The Walmart ONN at $19.88 is the less expensive version of the Dynalink device. Current price on Amazon for Dynalink is $29.99.

Ah, not in Canada it ain’t!!

Just went to - it’s $77.05 (down from $92.53)

Da Da U.S.A., Nyet Nyet Canuckistan! :roll_eyes:

I used Minix for a few years and really liked them. However, they are a company you can not rely on. The first I bought was a UH-9 which ran great. But after 2 years they no longer supported it with updates or anythin because they were pushing a newer unit which I went and bought. Nothing but trouble. So in the long run Minix is a no no. I went and bought a MeCool KM7. Plenty of RAM and ROM and so far it is working great

I’m currently in Mexico. I can order from either Amazon US or Amazon Mexico. Even with international shipping at $9.99, Amazon US is less expensive. Amazon US will ship to Canada. Something you might wanna look into if you’re inclined.


First off, i forgot to thank you for your response/suggestion - sorry about that & THANK YOU - i appreciate it!

Fortunately, ‘Reece’, another member of the forum very graciously, after reading my post, sent me a DM saying he’d send me one from the U.S. Not only did he do so BUT also gifted it to me - not only the price of the box but also the $45.50 US postage to Canada!! It would have cost me around $87 Canadian to reimburse him - thank you ‘Reece’ for your generosity!! :+1: :+1: :wave:


You’re very welcome…enjoy and stream safely!


Hey just got one question with you are you talking about all the apps that Amazon has added to the fire stick that we can’t remove was there some other intrusion that you’re speaking of.

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I like the Z11 pro because there are no block via updates also no bloatware , it’s fast and flawless .

What device do you use as your server?

New Amazon OS8 on new firesticks allowing custom launcher again who knows if that lasts but 4k Google Chromecast and TiVo stream 4k devices are reasonable prices and storage expansion compatible. Buzztv and formuler are great too but for that price range Nvidia shield is my choice of device

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I had built a desktop gaming rig, that after several years it didn’t really play the latest and greatest games anymore. It was just sitting around and I turned it into my server. I put a 14TB internal HDD…which I wish I could push an SSD in it, but large SSDs are so freaken expensive lol/


I did as well and bought one for my son’s Birthday as well … Well worth the money …

Win10 PC workstation for $100. Works well