Device that is built solid with plenty of memory and ram... better than firestick but not $300

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I was getting pretty tired of Firestick b.s. and constantly running out of memory (even using OTG and a flash drive) because Amazon keeps putting their junk on the stick gobbling up base memory. Per Troy suggestion, I tried the Tivo stickā€“it programmed ok but I think it is a little clunky. Several weeks ago, I set up the walmart unit (ONN) for $20 and was amazed at its performanceā€¦easily out performs firestickā€¦comes with 8 gig of ram but doesnā€™t have all the junk that is on a firestickā€¦I loaded up netflix, prime, 5 apks including Cinema, cyberflix, nova, ocean streams and Syncler, kodi with four sideloads including Crew, Seren, nine lives and one otherā€¦I also loaded up Wolf launcher (no problems whatsofever). With all these things loaded and no OTG or extra memory sticks, I still have 1.5 g of memory remaining. The unit runs fast and snappy. I was so please with this device I bought 4 additional units and told my friends to buy them before Walmart raises the priceā€¦No, I donā€™t work for walmart :joy:

Too bad us Canadians canā€™t get the ONN box from Walmarts up here in Canuckistan! :grin:

Iā€™d love to be able to put one of these things through itā€™s paces!

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Have you had any luck loading spectrum tv