Developer options missing

Hello! Trying to enable install from unknown sources on a firestick running but the option no longer exists under My Fire Stick for some reason. I even used the select and down arrow on ten remote to bring up the dev menu and enabled dev options here but they still don’t show up. I’m at a loss and could use some help. Thanks in advance
. hmm my latest update is , I’ll have to check that out. For a while now it’s been a per app basis under My Fire TV>Developer options>Install Unknown apps.

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Yea, mine is still there… 7279. No updates ether.

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Yeah was working prior to this update but now Fire TV>Developer options is totally gone. I’m baffled :confused:

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I haven’t found that update yet. Odd. Not even my usual sources.

I cycled it, reinstalled downloader, downloaded an APK and clicked install at which point it told me I had to change security settings and dropped me into developer options and now it shows up. I guess I’m good now but appreciate the response :+1:


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