Deleting YouTube if you have Smarttube

I’ve been wondering, can you safely uninstall YouTube If you have Smart tube installed? TIA

Just click on the app in your settings and select uninstall. Youtube should be able to uninstall. Not sure on firetv but it was uninstallble last i checked

Yes, but some tv’s and devices come with it pre-installed and won’t let you delete it but it may allow you to disable it.

Yea, i see that my smart tv allows me to get rid of it, not sure on others.

Is that on your new oled? Mines a Samsung qled and comes packed with pre-installed apps I don’t use and can’t get rid of them.

Yea my new oled. It came preinstalled with most stuff just needed updating. I havent played with it aside from pucture settings.

Some of those apps i don’t think you can uninstall.

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