Delete Fire TV Stock Launcher Make Wolf Launcher Your Default

@TROYPOINT Anyone try this? I Read a post on another website (not sure if I can link to the site)… I guess you delete the stock launcher and use Wolf Launcher only. I am still researching.

Install Wolf or another custom launcher
Install Total Commander from the Amazon App Store
Open Total Commander then go to Installed Apps
Copy KFTV Launcher (default launcher) somewhere for backup purposes, and then delete KFTV Launcher.

Perform a couple reboots…
This was done on software version

Tried on a Fire TV Stick 4k…software version…seems to work…

Not sure of long term ramifications…


My advice… don’t delete the stock launcher.


Im with @elginherd on this one, i feel like some issues would arise doing it that way. I understand why people want more control over the stick as far as customization but its really not that bad.

Id try this but i dont have a spare stick incase it messes up.

It’s easy to toggle between launchers anyway with the Launch Manager. Launchers don’t take up much space anyway.

not to mention what happens on next update, with amazon the stick might explode :joy: :grimacing:

I just did the full update to On my 4K Max today. First thing I did was go into the debloat tool and undo everything. Then updated, then checked all my settings to be sure nothing had changed, then launched the debloat tool, redid everything I could do to remove as much Amazon bloatware as possible, and back running with no apparent issues and no problem. I stopped using Wolf Launcher about a month ago. Stick running perfectly. Somehow the update gained me .35 GB of free space.



Thats slightly different, but good to know. I think at this point people should go somewhere els for customizing. In my opinion

@TP-Dracoo Come on guys where’s your sense of adventure. I have a spare Fire Stick so I gave it a shot. Works great, no problems. I will keep everyone informed. @TXRon If it blows up it will give me an excuse to buy another toy.


My sense of adventure is limited by my wallet. Im glad it works. Amazon has a nasty habnit of changing things for stuff like this with micro updates you dont see.


@TP-Dracoo All the money I have saved streaming since day one barely touches my wallet. Like the old saying goes, no risk no reward. Cost / benefit analysis = priceless…

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Until I see an exact and precise set of step by step instructions with screenshots, the point I was trying to make was, the stock launcher works just fine as does everything on my 4k Max after the latest update, and is minimally invasive after using the debloat tool. So for me, I’ll wait to see those precise instructions as knowing me I’d miss a step and brick my main Firestick that I’ve spent hours optimizing and configuring to my requirements.



So have i and i love coding, customization and tweaking. I love doing all that. But i have a ugoos coming to me still, im getting android tv devices soon and i just recently got a 4kmax. So for now my saved money is spent.

But if i get another stick i will do some in depth tweaking and play around with root and efuse bypasses.

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There you go…that’s what I wanted to hear… you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

Just a quick note, My ugoos has been amazing. Ive had no real issues that couldnt be fixed and it just has a lot of giddy up and go :sunglasses: Runs cool, fast and…hmmm well Ill think of somethin’ :beers:

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I am curious as well. Does this really work? FireTV Cube 2nd Gen.

I copied the file to another location and now the Wolf is in charge of my FireTV 2nd Gen’s launcher. Sweet!



Nice, glad everything worked out all right.

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