DefSquid Privacy Test

I consider myself an “advanced user” but lacking technical background knowledge. I have a question about Def Squid’s Privacy Test. In the example provided by DefSquid the user was connected in Canada but not using a VPN. The security status was “low” and displayed in red. They then connected to a VPN. The user was now connected in Argentina and the security status was “high” and green. Ok!

I run the test on my ONN box. Without the VPN I am showing connected to Comcast in Ocala, FL. Security status is “low”. I connect a VPN using IPVanish. IPVanish connects to Atlanta. I run the test again and the information displayed on DeSquid’s screen is all the same except except the security status is now “high” and in green. Hum. I ran the test again except I have IPVanish connect to a server is Australia. The information showing on DefSquid was still all the local information, but the security status was “high” and in green. I am under the impression that when connected to a VPN my local information would not be visible. Based on this test it is even if I am connected via a VPN.

I know defsquid is highly touted here on these forums but I have no use for it. I’ve seen no 3rd party testing/verification or audits. So im out. imho only.

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There is something very odd about that. If I run it with no VPN, it shows me exactly my true IP and where I am. When I switch to a VPN and I am still using IPV, the status changes to High as you said, It gives me the name of the ISP I am now connected to and it’s IP. I would suggest reinstalling it again if you would like to use it’s scan and cleaning functions. It will also easily get you to your device if you’re running a custom launcher as I am on my Max.

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I also just verified @Wizzard same results. So, something amiss

Dont relay on these apps for privacy testing. Dns leaks and such you should be going to. However, as long as your internet on the device you are using is on a vpn active you will have encrypted internet. You just need to make sure its not dropping like using safety dot or something.

I concur with that. IPV does drop and safety dot can be a bit ify as well. It’s why I intend to switch to SS next month because at at least it has a kill switch that IPV doesn’t on the fire stick. That with the dot sure provide more comfort.

I just checked mine yesterday and without VPN it showed my home ip. When connected with Express it gave me the ip and map of the Chicago location. Totally different ip

I just clicked on the Privacy Test with no VPN & it showed my local IP…then I connected to servers in Dallas on my VPN but it just shows the hash marks wiggling up & down…never did show an IP address. Used the Speed Test…only got 70Mpbs but got a server in Dallas…Analiti shows Dallas IP & about 100Mbps higher download speed… :thinking: I use Defsquid for the Cleaner, Virus Scan & App Mngr…so no biggie for me.

I don’t have much confidence in the speed test of defsquid. Analiti seems to be more accurate. Not quite sure how they can mess up something so simple.