Installed defsquid updated version downloaded from develpers website …after installing to a Yoka Tv KB2 android box and opening app i’m getting a network error message popping up on screen and app will not load anyfurther …all it will let me do is exit out app to close… anyone seeing the same issues or any recommendations for fix?

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I’ve installed it on a Samsung S21+ phone, a Samsung Tablet and a Firestick 4K Max without issue, So I wonder if you try again after shutting off the power on your Device and restarting to see if the issue clears.


Thanks for reply @Miki i give that a try also i’m wondering if this app might not work with the older android version 6.0.1 Marshmello


Ohh good point. It may not work with an older OS. Have to go to their site and find out.


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