Deeper Connect SE/The World's First decentralized VPN


Well i’ve been wanting to try one of these out and $50 off I took the gamble. I’ve been reading up on it and its very interesting. The “mini” version is gig speed but this is the se version and 500mb speed…plenty for streaming if it works as advertised. Will be here friday and I will let yall know how it performs…Keeper?..or another amazon return :joy: Deeper Connect SE/The World’s First decentralized VPN Hardware with Lifetime Cybersecurity/Hardware VPN/Home Wi-Fi Router/App-relocator’s geo-Relocation for unrestricted Entertainment : Electronics


Very very interesting…I look forward to your review/analysis. :face_with_monocle:


won’t work with my Dual Band Router…it’s a HARD PASS for me…looks interesting tho.

Very interesting to say the least. I just checked out their website and I’m going to wait and see your input. Website has them for $129. Looking forward to your thoughts on this @TXRon


I knew you would be interested being the King of vpn’s :sweat_smile: :sunglasses:

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we shall see. I will test it before and after the router. My 1st initial test will be after router directly to my pc.

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This may be a game changer

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Will probably be renamed “Just take my money”

I’ve read the good and bad…have to see for myself. :+1:

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@TXRon thanks for posting this. My only question about these “home VPNs” is whether it will change your IP Address. Yes, it will definitely encrypt your traffic but does it also mask your IP? Looking forward to what you think Ron!

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It’s gonna get hot and it’s gonna slow your connection speed way down… but everything else sounds good, if it works as promoted. Just another reason to look forward to Friday! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are a couple of Q&As I ran across…& the link to them, & others.

Can the device be set as a static IP ?
Currently we use dynamic IPs, and they switch randomly every few hours.

Why does is my IP address not hidden when using the Smart Route DPN mode ?
Smart Routing does not route all your traffic through a single location to hide your IP address, this is what the Full Route feature is for. Smart Route allows you to route domains to multiple locations simultaneously as well as intelligently pass traffic through tunnels when necessary and using your local connection otherwise.Therefore, your IP address will be hidden using Smart Route when configured or when necessary to do so, otherwise, using Full Route will hide your IP address completely for all your online traffic.

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I will post results in this thread and yes I am curious as to the protection offered. I’ve long though this decentralized approach would be the direction streaming would one day take.


They deliver it yet…they deliver it yet? Lol

Been testing the deeper mini box for a few hours connected directly to my pc and not looking too good. Tried various settings using US and Canada servers and only could get about 5mb download and 10mb upload at the very best. I did get better results out of Switzerland but not great…

All in all the web interface isnt too bad but could be a problem for those less techie due to its vast changes and settings for various apps, locations etc. And although they promote this as plug and play…I dont see that happening. Due to the low us/canada speeds I will be sending the box back for a refund tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A great idea with much more work needed imho.

EDIT… @TROYPOINT it does hide your real ip. I ran several test and I was protected.


Well dang…that’s a real dadgum bummer with a capital B. I was having visions of this gizmo working like a charm & letting us say bye bye to VPN contracts. Those #s are a far cry from 500Megs…eh? Assuming you did shut down your VPN @ the router…duh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :eyes:

yes sir, my speeds without vpn were buzzing around 800 or so.

I don’t get it…how in the world can they get those speeds & you can’t. Did you try to contact them & say wtf…over…?

initial setup is easy, basically plug in cables then power up, after a minute or so it flashes green…enter the web interface and go. I tried multiple servers and none really had any speed offering that interested me. It operates much like the tor network with de-centralized servers. A great concept and I believe is the future of streaming but the infrastructure needs more power/nodes to be really effective imho. Due to speeds I went no further and didnt try streaming anything, kinda dialupish :joy: it seemed.


Ha ha…I do remember those dial up speeds…& the squawking that rattled yer fillings. Oh well, you gave it the ole college try…just weird that the speeds you got weren’t even in the same ballpark as what they profess. I believe I read that the designers of this are silicone valley schmarty pants techies…? Maybe the 2.0 version will be better :thinking:

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