Debrid Links Not Coming Through

@itzme I believe most of his post was directed towards the OP. Great description and help from all. Now I hope the issue can get sorted out. @Gldnwon if you could update us whenever possible I’m very curious to what the issue was and how it was solved.

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Really appreciate that. I am newb. I may mosey over to streameo.


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If you’re using a fire stick, it’s not uncommon for that to happen but you have to do is clear. The cash is in the way that’s done is to go into the settings my fire stick restart make sure it’s restart only so you don’t lose anything after the fire stick is restarted. Try your links again they’re probably going to work.

I think I should’ve been a little more clear as to what you should do if this is a fire stick I recommend that you go into the settings look at applications, close all your applications, clear their caches turn off your VPN. Make sure you’ve properly closed Kodi if you’re using it and then do a complete restart of the Firestick then try your links. I found that usually solves a problem, and to be honest with you it’s something you should do anyway almost daily if you want to get the most efficiency out of a fire stick and real debrid.

I have no problems using Cinema and CyberFlix. With BeeTv, FilmPlus, and Nova from time to time I have issues not getting RD links. Sometimes they manage to work themselves out. Try backing out one time and then going back in after displaying first round of links.

I have had the same problem but when I use Cinema I get tons of links hard to get any if at all with BeeTV, film Plus , tea,nova

Cinema for me pulls in quite a lot of debrid but beetv and filmplus hardly any.
I stick with stremio for my number 1 app and have a few kodi installs on with different builds.

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I used cinema yesterday for the first time an its works fantastic. Is there a reason someone would just not use Cinema (does it not have as many offerings as f+, Bee, etc.)? Thanks for your response.

What does Stremio have that it is your number 1? I have never downloaded it. Thx.

Use the search here and read up on as many Stremio articles, tuts, and vids you can find. It won’t take you long to see why some of use consider it the best, and certainly superior to things like CinemaHD and TeaTV.

It is really fast, got a nice layout, saves progress of things watched and displays them at the top for ease of use.
Uses real debrid.

Has Trakt, addons are not installed on your device but are kept in the cloud. Install on any device, log in, and your entire setup is applied. You can also go to anyones house, log them out of their Stremio and log yourself in to get your complete setup.

Forgot the most important feature once you have logged in and setup torrentio etc you can login on a different device and everything will be setup the same.

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Going to check out Stremio. Right now just ecstatic that I can get RD links on Cinema. Not sure why I could not consistently get them on F+ and BeeTV. Thanks gain.

So I try to download Stremio to Firestick via downloader from the Stremio download site and get Error: No connection every time. Any ideas? Everything else is downloading fine.

in downloader use “home” and enter stremio(.)com/downloads remove the brackets of course and if that doesn’t work, enter it in “Browser”.