Debloater connection failed

Downloaded and sucessfully installed the current version of the TDUK Debloater for fire TV 4k max. Try to open and home screen comes up but is immediately replaced with a message “Connection Failed…Try re-enabling USB Debugging in FireTV settings. Ensure no other app is using adb. Disconnect your PC if connected via adb.” Had USB Debugging on, then tried turning off, waited about 20 seconds, and then turned back on. No joy. Force stopped all applications on TV stick, tried openiing Debloater. No Joy. Restarted fire TV, verified no other apps runnning, tried to open Debloater, still no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Bob .

amazon blocked debloater tool it no longer works if you do a search there is more info on subject

OK, thats too bad. Guess we are all stuck with the bloatware now. Thanks for the reply.

yes it worked well maybe someone will come up with a way round :+1: