Debloat tool software

In a past topic about Debloat Tool there was mention on knowing what not to execute if you want to keep Amazon Prime and Amazon Kids. Is there a list somewhere as I did this and lost my access. Now I need to reset to factory settings I believe.
Is that correct?

I will put a link here, but you didn’t tell me what device and what OS. So this link is for FireOS7. Read it and the info is there. Reinstall it and run it.

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I’m sorry it is a Fire stick 4K which I believe is OS6

The tool itself will tell you in parentheses what it disables. Amazon prime video is clearly labeled. Just need to go ahead and try it out.


Thanks it works fine now

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Hello I’m new here on the forum but been with Troy for awhile. Anyways I’m trying to find out where I can get the debloat tool for 06 version. I did a factory reset and now need it again. Anyways thank you all.

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Rapid app installer from Troypoint


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