Debloat Tool problem

I recently started having problems with 1 of 2 TVs pairing with a recast. After much frustration, I reset the stick to its original factory condition, reinstalled all of my aps the pairing now works. I left the debloat tool off which seems to be the culprit. I noticed that the rapid app installer has the debloat tool for os5 and os7, not os6 which is my version. I was also very careful about what to check and followed the Techtool list. Help

I uninstalled it for similar issues and I’m waiting for a detailed tutorial on what to check and what exactly disabling some stuff does. Don’t hold your breath. Instead I just use the Wolf Loader and the FireOS Update Blocker. No mire problems.

When I go to Rapid App Installer, I see FireTV Debloat for Fire OS7 and OS6 only. Not for OS5. What version of TROYPOINT do you have? I have 5.0.4. On your fire stick; go to Settings the gear icon, go to Applications, then Manage Installed Applications, Highlight TROYPOINT and to the right it will tell you which version you have installed. Hope that helps.

Is there any way to delete the bloatware from a Firestick?

Hello Everyone, the debloat tool only works for Fire OS 6 and higher. You can use either the Fire OS 7 version or Fire OS 6 version. We have both in RAI. Here is my video - How to Deactivate Bloatware on Firestick 4K & Increase Available Memory for Performance Boost - YouTube

Hi @NickDanger
You can go to, in his Rapid App Installer there are two versions that coincides with you OS version. Download it and run it, by checking boxes that you want to turn off.
As of now no one has any sort of guide as to which ones to turn off, so it’s just trial and error.

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