Dang Be Assistant

The Dang Be Assistant app on the Rapid Installer won’t download. Can you check it out and see why? Anyone else have the same problem? Please advise with an alternative downloader url.

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I’ve had the same problem for months on the rapid app installer. It continues to give the “parsing error” error message. I originally got it from a store on Filelinked, code 11111111. Not sure if I can name names here.
I’m sure it’s around somewhere, just haven’t looked.

I personally use SD Maid.
Follow this link, scroll down to cleaners & you will find the download you want.


Thank you sir! Got it installed! Thanks

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Happy you were able to download & use the program.
I’m old, retired & sometimes will pop up & try to answer any questions people have.
Most everything I was forced to learn on my own but have been given pointers/directions which have saved a lot of frustration.

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