Cyberflix not working

Even after restarting everything, Cyberflix is NOT working!

When I went to Cyberflixs and clicked on their icon it changed pages and it says “No Data.” I have the same problem, you’re not alone.

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Snap just had a look “no data”.

Same here, just looked this morning no change.

have to uninstall and reinstall from cyberflix

download the latest version of cyberflix from the Troypoint rapid installer. Then it works just fine. I had the same data issue the upgraded to the version on Troypoint. all works like a champ

Already had latest version, reinstalled several times from Troypoint and still doesn’t work. Tried all the suggestions on fixing it I can find on the net with no result and even put an old firestick in with previous version. Still no luck

Here is the fix I found:

  1. There are 2 versions out on CyberFlix - both have the same version 3.2.3. There is no way to tell the difference, except go to a place that has the fix.
  2. Procedure; delete Cyberflix on your stick. Go to filelinked 76705196, pin 3223. Install CyberFlix 3.2.3.
    This is what worked for me.

Corredt filelinked code is: 5182 9986 (pin if needed is 3333).
Sorry for the mistake.

Oh wow! worked perfectly for me too. Been pulling my hair out over this. Thanks a bunch.

I’ve tried all the above solutions and still no data… I just think Cyberflix is down for a while

Cyberflix works fine. I had problems like you. Some of my errors were:
After deleting Cyberflix be sure to turn off any VPN.
Go to Troypoints Rapid App Installer & install.
Make sure the “players” like MX Player are updatend.
Try without VPN if works, try it with the VPN on - should be good to go.

yesterday it worked to day nothing says no data
have uninstalled and installed 2o times to no avail

This morning I found a fix. Go to filelinked 51829986. They have the “new Cyberflix”. You will need a password, use “1112” > EDIT > DISABLE > YES. This will disable the need for a password every time you go in to Cybefflix.
Tried it this AM, added debrid & trakt. Worked fine. Seemed to load faster than before.

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