Cyberflix 3.2.0 - download/stream link gone

Cyberflix 3.2.0 has no download or stream link any more. I’ve seen suggestions, on reddit, to select “play with” and then select ‘Advanced Download Manager” as the video player.

I have the ADM app but it does not come up in the “play with” options. Does anybody know how to get it added into the list of options

Many thanks

I have just updated to 3.2.0 and download/streamlinks are working fine. Might be worth deleting and start with a fresh installation.

Hi, thanks for your reply

deleted and re-installed from

a) Rapid App Installer - which still loads ver. 3.1.7 (despite saying 3.2.0) and clicking on download in that version now says “Sorry, this source can’t be opened” when you click download on any link.
b) URL to which does install 3.2.0 but options on clicking any link are only three: Play, Play with subtitles and lastly Play with - which offers MX Player, VLC etc.

Gave up and switched to Unlockmytv which seems the same but unfortunately doesn’t seem to have an option to change to an external download manager but I can download then workaround that to get onto an sdcard.