Custom ROMs for stock Android tv boxes

I’ve seen how people mod their stock Android boxes to Android TV OS and it looks really cool. Considering you can get some really decently powered boxes for less than their licensed Google counterparts, is flashing the ROM a worthwhile endeavor for the tech savvy user? Or, is this just a tech geek’s way of trying to get attention? Thoughts?

I thought I’d open discussion with the T95z, I’ve seen some really cool custom ROMs out there for this device. Is it worth modding? Or, is it a good piece of hardware right out of the box?

@Dunes927 Funny you should mention this. I flashed a few of mine with Aidan’s ROM - Some worked great and some didn’t. I was at first planning on doing a tutorial but decided not to as many would do this and go backwards. Not everything works properly on various devices. Example…on my X96 Max Pro IPTV cuts out every 5 minutes. It doesn’t do this on the stock Android that came on the device.

On topic with rooting, I have done this with other boxes but can it be done with formuler z8?

Or as anyone done it. I’m hearing issues with Mol2 and it was blocked from root access?

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