Custom Kodi (Skeleton Crew)

I am a fan of simple build like Skeleton Crew and Funster. I have been modifying Skeleton Crew by adding a couple of add-ons and adding menu entries so nothing too aggressive and that is all I need but…
I don’t have the whole menu manipulation down yet, so I searched through the Kodi topic here, no simple task, to find documentation etc about how to add, change modify menus, subs etc.
First I had hoped jayhawks video would give me a few hints but it has been removed from YouTube, so where can I find it?
Second, recommendations concerning docs, papers etc that might help?
Please don’t point me to beginner guides as I am looking for specifically menu configuration, thanks.
The Kodi documentation is pointed toward development at a lower level, while I have used xml a lot it is a pain and most of the Kodi documentation I have seen is at that level.
The skin utilities that are part of every build I have messed with should be able to let me modify the menus and they probably (as far as I can glean) manipulate the xml for you. That’s the Goldilocks level I would like information about.
Jayhawk, I like your build a lot, thanks for that work!

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