Current VPN’s I use if anyone has questions

Hide .me
Did not renew CyberGhost
Forgot about TorGuard


Great list but the one I’d like to hear more about is not on it. :person_shrugging:
Fastest VPN has a 40 dollar lifetime sub right now but I already have a 5 year Ivacy sub that’s not worth using so I didn’t want to waste money on another and I noticed it’s not on the RD webpage as a recommended VPN so not sure if it will even work with them?
Love ExpressVPN, but pretty expensive. Would love a cheap alternative that works as well :rofl:

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Have not read about that one. Been using Hide .me to stream with since I jumped on that deal and it’s been flawless. Yes…Express to me is king. Over 2 years with it and I can trust it. That’s why I’m running Hide .me to see if I can trust it enough. So far so good but need more time using it

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…and you’re favorite is…? :grin:

Fastest gets, horrid reviews. Researched them yesterday.

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Each one has there own use for me. Express and Hide .me for streaming. I do like the SS rotating ip. Mullvad is good and use it on my iPhone. Have a hard time keeping Nord connected but does offer Onion over VPN

I did the YouTube hunt thing for Windscribe and found a code in the video. I put in and it gave me a year for only $19.99 I snatched that offer up and am currently kicking the tires on it on iOS

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Expressing my opinion only, your mileage may vary but I’ve done extensive testing over the course of the past 6 months and neither Proton, SS, nor Nord gained the upper hand.
*Surfshark overall a touch slower speeds

All performed the same, all buffered on a problematic channel (prior to my finding out it was…) meaning it was the provider, and all performed admirably but with no deciphering or distinguishing for that matter, difference.

If I had to pick which one tomorrow for a lifetime, I’d go with Express if only because I’ve never tried them out yet.

I only use Express and now Hide .me to stream with. SS keeps giving me the “Another VPN Detected” so I don’t even have it on any of our streaming devices. A Kill Switch is the selling point for me for streaming. For iOS, MacOS and Windows, which are not really used for streaming, I use the other ones and switch it up when I feel like it lol

Express is certainly my #2 because of their speed, but my overall pick is ProtonVPN which because of their coding, provides me 0% speed hit to my ISP speed. Both are a tad more expensive but both worth it. 144 is without the vpn on and 152 is with Proton on. Speeds taken on the same network using WiFi. Network speed according to my ISP is a 150Mbps down.


I like Proton. Nothing takes a speed hit to the point of bad streaming so I’m happy with what I use. I’ve even streamed with Mullvad without a problem


I do like the Protocol options in iOS on Windscribe. I just now put it on our KM2 to test streaming. No kill switch option on Android TVOS, so I’ll have to keep an eye on it

Go to Troy’s toolbox and get one of the VPN Safety dots. I rely on it every second I’m on my Shield.

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Thanks! I use them religiously on all of our devices

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Have a very Merry Christmas my friend. :gift: :christmas_tree:

Thank You! You as well Kind Sir

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I found another code for Windscribe at $19/yr so I stacked it with my current and now have a 2 yr sub for only $38. Figured what the hell at that price

Strong vpn anyone?

I believe @TXRon tried one of these and if not mistaken returned it. I may be wrong on if it was the same thing you speak of

What is the code, or where can I find it On YouTube?