CueTV streaming Is this Legit and trustworthy

Does anyone know about Cue tv?

Welcome and please tell us about Cue tv. Is it an app? etc.

If it’s the service that shows Opera, Classical and Ballet… then I’d say it’s probably legitimate since it has a Roku channel as well. Roku doesn’t allow much of anything that isn’t legit. But the Roku channel only has a 1.8 rating, which isn’t very good. So you may take that into consideration as well.

I think it’s a classic music video site. Not sure though.

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I heard it was streaming tv for 59.95 per month with hundreds of channels and with premium channels such as showtime stars etc included. Was hoping Troy had some insight.

Definitely a different site than the one I’d heard of. :grinning: No further comment, lol

Yes I believe you’re correct, it’s 59.95 a month for five connections

Hey Throttle,
I believe that you accidently committed a TPI sin.
That site appears to be an ‘unverified’ pay TV service.

The “Cuetv online” service mentioned by Shayde is verified.

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I wonder if it is that same realtor guy selling that suspicious streaming service (Omnivision). If I remember right, he was all in on the FS stuff, too, and both of these outfits claim an address in Carmel, IN.

I don’t know but just looking on the webpage the channel lineup looks great. Am using YouTube tv now but also do a lot of streaming especially with Kodi.

No not the same guy i do have a real estate company in Zionsville and Naples both been around for 5 plus years. I am also a reseller for omnivision a branded IPTV service. if you have questions you can contact me thru the web site. Thanks


If they include Showtime at no extra charge, I doubt it is legit. Has Troy weighed in on this?

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Oh, my...