Crewnique or Skeleton Crew Build?

Has anyone tried both of these builds? If so, does either stand out from the other? TIA!

Yeah. I tried the Crewunique. Was NOT impressed. Constant buffering and cutting away to the index page. I know for sure it’s not my speed or equipment.
Have not tried the other. Using Diggs Xenon as alternative.

Haven’t tried Crewnique. but use Skeleton and it works very well and is very lightweight so runs great. Definitely give it a try. And welcome :v:


Crewnique is wonderful but i have Nvidia shield pro and it makes everything better so i don’t know how it is for other devices personally apps don’t perform nearly as good on the other streaming devices. I have cube, tivo 4k, google tv, fire tv

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Been using Skeleton since it came out and it works very well for me. After using so many different full builds over the years I came to the conclusion there was a lot of wasted material for me. I even tried doing my own builds and theyt worked pretty good. I went back to a full build last year and had to go in and delete a lot of stuff. When @Jayhawke came out with the Skeleton I was impressed and thay’s all I use anymore


I created the skeleton crew build. Greatly appreciate the feedback fellas!


When there are updates to the build, how do you update it? (i’m assuming it’s still on 1.2??)

No updates. Don’t plan on adding anything to it. If I make any tweaks then the new version will be uploaded in the repo and you can install it the same way as you did before. It’s mostly built on the crew addon, so that will update automatically.

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How do you get the skeleton build?


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