Crew some streams not loading

so I’ve been having this problem especially with the adult channels or adult streams sometimes when you go to click on one of the streams or movies instead of loading it just flashe real quick on and off and won’t load other streams work fine so
I have real debride subscription all debrid links nappy premiumz, all debrid

so I’m not sure what it is and it takes a good while for a stream to load and my internet speed is
300 megs per second
seems to happen with only certain streams I’d say about 80% of them work
for example say
movie title is so I will click on it instead of the buffering swirl it’ll just flash real quick and it’ll never load

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I’m not 100 percent on the adult section but the first thing to do is make sure you debrid stuff isn’t out of subscription time.

Secondly, not everything in the crew works 100 percent, if it’s free it could be down or server congestion.

But I’m not sure on the adult stuff, if everything els is working fine then it’s a good indicator that it might just be related to the adult stuff.

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