Crew on kodi what’s up with that

What’s up with the crew on kodi now I can’t bring up IPTV and now I can’t watch Fox News … wow I just check it’s back on it’s been off for a week but back on now … their is a God


There’s also verified streaming sources you can pay for if you want reliability. Can’t complain about free stuff. Just be happy it worked at all. The developers aren’t even getting paid.


I’d not complain but do feel if something is worth doing, do it right! The Crew has a great reputation and clearly a lot of work goes into it. So make you wonder why the IPTV section is the one area that consistently lets it down. Probably time that section was pulled as it has the potential to start damaging the reputation of the Addon.

I’m in their group chat and I can tell you exactly why. It’s because of the multiple take down notices that they have been getting. It’s only one guy that manages the IPTV section. They cannot ignore the warnings and run the risk of the entire repo getting shut down along with all the other addons.

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@Jayhawks659 is there any talk of another delivery method? like some sort of tor type?

No. It should be back up now. Not sure what changes they made.

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There has always been the risk of take down notices in most Addons and IPTV services. The dilemma is when they decide to take note or feel the effort is no longer worth the risk. There will always be options, it’s just frustrating that users will always have to play catch-up and constantly seek out new/updated services.

Please do a search with crews iptv, these topics will be closed going forward. Crews iptv is on its way out, it ether works or doesn’t… at some point it will disappear.

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