Crew on KODI 19.3 or 19

I’m having trouble loading Crew to KODI19.3 and 19 won’t let me either. Keeps telling me no network but everything else is working great. Any ideas!!!



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What device are you installing it on? Are you using the rapid app?

Also take a look here. Kodi install guide

That’s for the firestick. Make sure to turn off vpn for installation.


Fire stick 4k. Yes running IPVanish…No I didn’t shut off vpn.

Yes used Rapid app. Should I load with downloader?

Either works. Just turn off VPN then download and install as @TP-Dracoo suggests.


I’ll give it a try thank you both for your time!! Very much appreciated…!!!


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Hello my first post so I hope I’m doing it correctly.

I loaded Kodi 19.3 and it works but I can not get Crew or Venom to work. I then loaded Kodi 19.0 and Crew loaded and works. Did I miss something? Thanks


Hey @ACSlater1
Welcome to the community. You posted just fine.
I mean this with the most respect to you, so forgive me if I sound disrespectful, not my intention. It sounds like you may have misspelled something. It is a common mistake, but one that causes the problem you describe.
I suggest going back, follow both tutorials again, but this time pausing the tutorial and checking for spelling accuracy before going to the next step.
Good Luck and come back here to let us know how it went for further questions.


Just yesterday I loaded 19.3 and crew. All works ok. Note that some parts of crew do not seem to like the new wireGuard protocol in IPVanish.


Ok. No worries. Thanks for the quick response. I will try it.



I can’t find Magic Dragon on Kodi 19.3.When I do a search and then try to install it,I get a message saying dependencies cannot be satisfied.
Need help.

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Hello. Question is Kodi or Crew working today. I’m getting a “Remote Server communication, communication failure”. Thanks AC Slater

Hey @ACSlater1
The Crew add-on is up and running. I am pulling lots of quality links. I’m watching something on it now.

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Hello again. I’m still having problems with CREW. I can watch movies and porn but the IPTV selections aren’t working. For example, I can select ESPN but when I hit “Play” nothing happens. Thanks for your help