Crew no streams available

I have tried to setup the crew with Rd and also scrubsv2 and I can’t get it to connect to Rd. Works on my apk apps just fine. :thinking::confused:

Very easy in KODI. Go to Tools, ResolveURL. then (very important) Choose Resolvers 2, then choose Reauthorize my Account. Then in a seperate device (phone recommended) open a Browser and go to

You will see an 8 digit code come up on your firestick, Android Box, whatever you use. Type that code into the box on your phone. Then you will see a popup come up saying your are Authorized on your device. Click OK and you are all set. Troy has a very detailed explanation about this here:

Yeah, that’s a head scratcher. I do recall once I couldn’t get RD, and my subscription had run out. I paid up and all was good. Haven’t had an issue since.

Scrubsv2 is for free streams it doesn’t need RD.

At the moment IMBD isn’t working, so there’s no links for TV shows or movies, but it’s working on TMBd.

Hello, Lately unable to stream tv or movies on The Crew, “no stream available”.
Today I uninstalled & installed again and still getting same message. Currently using Kodi 20.2. Thanks in advance. Note: I do not have real debrid as not noted as necessary on install instructions.

Not sure what instructions you are referring to but our Kodi guru @MarkxG has stated many times that the crew will not work without Real Debrid.

Yeah you aren’t doing anything wrong just not going to get streams on the Crew without RD.

Hi Miki, Thanks for your reply. Not sure who guru @MarkxG is, but I’ve used the crew for many years without real debrid. Just recently it has not worked. Instructions I’m referring to are the ones on Troypoint which I used 2 days ago & checked again today; no mention of real debrid.

Trust me this is not something new. You have needed RD for a while now to get working streams. You can either get an RD sub and get playable streams on the Crew. If you use another Addon you will also run into the same issue. Or you can magically hope the streams start playing without RD.

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I have real debrid and cannot get anything to work The links will populate for real debrid but the program will not start. At a loss at what to do.

Im getting that problem also .

I just tested shows for both The Crew and Homelander Addons and while the Real Debrid sources are showing up nothing is playing. Looks like Real Debrid still having a problem.

Coalition, Seren and Umbrella all working with RD for me. I dont have The Crew or Homelander.

Actually i found the Crew in the build I use. The Crew is working as well.

Miki is right
He always gives us good advice

I used homelander with non debrid but now it only works with debrid …I disable debrid in settings of various apps so when searching when you hit a debrid movie it freezes your download requiring reboot to continue thus homelander no longer a free add on

There are very few addons that offer free links anymore. A premium source is almost always required. For the cost of a mere 3 dollars a month, Real-Debrid is well worth it. I use Dradis, Coalition, and The Crew. They all work perfectly. I am using Kodi Nexus 20.2 and have zero problems. I am also using a new Mecool KM7 Plus as my streaming box. If you want free links, there are a lot of APKs you can use to do so. Do a search here for movie and series APKs and you will find a ton of info on them and how to install them.

Go into the RD section on your device and authorize RD for all the apps listed and you’ll see a difference. Also, go into any individual app and authorize that app as well. Good luck. Some app requires Trakt authorization also.

And use a VPN

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No streams available topic. I uninstalled kodi 20.5 and reinstalled kodi 21 stable omega. Then did Homelander and Crew repo and mad titan for sports. I did real debrid all while using surfshark. Went into Homelander for movies and still showing no stream available. But on mad titan I do get sports.Do I have to reinstall or use different addon? I also have trakt. Do you have to use real debrid on each individual addon(Homelander, crew etc.) Please help.