Credit card masking

Anyone using a masking service to use virtual credit cards? Are you happy with the service?

No, I use a PayPal debit card without linking any backup payment method to it. Instead of having my real debit card linked to PayPal, I setup monthly automatic deposits into my PayPal balance.


I use a virtual card which is a service of a major card company and I really like it. It was simple to use actually sorta like a disposable email service. I also like to use paypal as my buffer to certain services for safety.


Would you use that PayPal card when paying for an IPTV service?

I always use Pay Pal for my IPTV.

So what actual information does the IPTV service recieve? Have you gotten over the move up North yet?

Not entirely sure what they get. I think they just get a payment notification from ******. But I only use PP twice in a year for my 2 Subs, so it’s not like I have dozens of transactions.
I’m almost completely done with our move. Spent a couple of days setting up my Shield/TV/Soundbar. Man there are a ton of settings that modify the details in audio & Video.

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Ah yes the fun of moving. I used to pride myself on my electronics knowledge but I’m at the point I’m almost helpless anymore. I am very thankful for the helpful people here. For the past 20 years it has been satellite for tv and another satellite for internet. Once the word came about getting Fiber I went crazy getting routers, and different hardware for streaming. I’m still waiting on the Fiber but every time I log in here I wonder if I have the right stuff, who I’m going to use, how do I pay for it without giving my life history away, what will I subscribe to etc. etc. I will be so happy when it is over and I can start worrying about one thing at a time. I’ve had too much time to think about it.

Thanks Miki

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I use Ironvest masked card and pay direct using this card or use it in a dummy paypal account to pay.


Like you I thought paypal was secure well i have been thru a nightmare because my acct was hacked.
I opened a acct with paypal to pay for just 1 item I purchased from a ETSY seller,that’s all I use that account for the 1 purchase.
I got my 27.00 order just fine from the seller.
2 weeks later I get a email from paypal saying I added my 2nd phone number successfully. I don’t have a 2nd phone number.

So I logged into the paypal account and sure enough another number was added. I deleted it then thought ,I am not using this account for anything else so I deleted it. That was 5 am cst at 8:30 am I get a phone call. It showed paypal on the id so I answered.
The guy said he was from paypal security and my account was hacked from Hong Kong then said the guy I ordered from tried to charge me 39.99 2 times then a third time.
The order came from Calif. I said no one can get any money from my account because I removed the CC # and deleted the account.
I called the credit card co and told them and the card was shutoff and sent me a new one. That stopped me loosing any money.

All of a sudden the idiot I was talking to asked me to allow him to connect to my computer and watch me login to my bank account. YEAH RIGHT. He had a heavy accent.

I kept cool and said you will have to give me 15 minutes to charge my phone cause its about dead. Give me your number and extension and I’ll call you back.
So I did and a travel agency answered the phone when I called back. hmmmm No mr paypal or extension paypal 207 red alert

The idiot did mention the name of my bank so i called the bank and had my account froze right then. I now have a new account and a lot of new emails and changed almost all my passwords.
Surfshark would not allow me to change my email address ,the only place that would not allow me too.
So I may have been hacked on etsy(my 1st and last order from that site)
All I know he got into my paypal account.

It took me a while to find a number to call paypal. They were no help at all the woman said well you deleted the account and She could not check out what I told her. Nice lady of course a know it all idiot!!!
So no more etsy and paypal accounts for me ever.
All this over a 27.00 order but like I said I lost no money just several hours on the phone.

I did replace the hard drive on this computer and had Spectrum send me a new replacement modem and router which the did very quickly.
I was not going to take any chances. I already had 3 extra new 1T drives anyway.
He was speaking to a guy in the background and i could hear him typing on a keyboard. Yes I know that sound…

A big lesson learned. If i ever order anything else online I will only use a prepaid visa card and not my debit or credit card.
Capital 1 can give you a virtual card number though just never used it.


bad deal there. Ive never heard of that but not surprised now days nothings secure. I use paypal still although multiple auths have to go down including 2 factor to even start the transaction.


I did find out that back in the fall of 2018 someone hacked and stole lots of emails mine was 1 and also it said Kodi was hacked and ppl’s info was put on the dark web. I don’t remember signing up with a email for Kodi but I did for real-debrid. All I know .

Ok I am done with all this and am moving on and being way more careful from now on. It’s a crazy world out there you know…Be Careful too.

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