Creating Kodi Builds

Hello and welcome to “Creating Kodi Builds”. This is a forum for creators or people working on creating their own build, like me. What tools do you use.? What are your main add-ons? What made you want to create your own build? Is it for yourself or are you distributing it.

In my case, I am beginning to want a customized Build for myself. This way when I reset my device and use Troy’s Rapid App Installer, I can then sideload my own Build with my favorite sdd-ons and features and skin. Then I can work on it until it is perfect and I will distribute it through Git Hub.

Anyone who has created a build or is starting to create one join us for lively discussion with the best hobby in the world.

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I am learning Batch Installer for use in creating Kodi builds. I know there is a Kodi tool for this. Any other methods I should be looking at? Before distribution, I’m looking at creating my own custom build so I can quickly reset my system then use Troy’s rapid app installer and then sideload my build. That would be an easy quick setup.

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Wouldn’t simply doing a backup of the build you currently like and then restoring it (through ES Explorer) satisfy resetting your own personal build? It’s how I keep all my devices the same. Just curious if we’re talking about the same thing.


@rickroig Sorta. I don’t really like any of the builds I’ve seen 100%. Plus most of them seem to be too large. Especially for Fire TV and Firestick users.

What I am studying is how to create a build with only the add-ons that I like and nothing more. No pages full of repositories and add-ons and files I will never use. A simple lightweight build that has exactly the add-ons I use and nothing more.

Appreciate your participation. Until I learn myself how to create my own builds, I will use your backup/restore method. I like it. Wish I’d thought of that. Thanks again.

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Hi @rickroig You gave me a wonderful idea. I am going to accomplish what I want using your backup and restore method.

First I want to search for the best build for me that has add-ons I use.
Then I will customize the build, side-loading add-ons it doesn’t have.
Then I can back up the build.
Finally, I could restore the build when needed.

This would not be for distribution as I would be piggy backing off of someone else’s hard work. It would only be for my private use. It solves what I wanted. A custom build. I have to do research and decide where I want to go with this but thanks man. You inspired me to try an easier way to get what I want.

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@rickroig How do I begin to backup and restore a build?

@rickroig Never mind. I figured it out . Thanks again.

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What are the lighter Kodi builds? I’m looking for a lightweight build that I can customize. Any assistance will be appreciated.

I figured out what I need to create my own Build. This works for me. It doesn’t require programming. You can do this:

  1. Reset Kodi to defaults or install new one.
  2. Sideload a handful of your favorite add-ons. I used Four.
  3. Sideload the One Nation Portal for maintenance.
  4. Add Real-Debrid.
    Now you have a build you can use when you reset Kodi by backing up and restoring using ES File Explorer.
    Thanks to @rickroig for his wonderful suggestion for cloning your Build.
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@bennievcrowell I want to create my own build. I was using the DiggzFlix Build but since Diggz has retired he took the build with him. It is a build looks and works like NetFlix, it has support for Trakt and Real-Debrid and works great. I really love it. I have always wanted my own Build anyway. So can you elaborate on the steps you outlined or point me in a direction for more resources?

Thank in advance for any help.

Deleted outdated link…

Skeleton Crew is one I made. Simple interface for movies and shows plus an IPTV section built off of Mad Titan that has an EPG. No weather widgets or any of that garbage.

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@AMD237 I saw that video it is from 2017, the way technology moves today anything over a year is pretty much outdated. I found a lot that was older but nothing recent. I know Kodi has gone thru several major updates since then. I just though there might updated information.

Thanks for the assistance.

You will have to go to kodis website and fourms for this.

My fault, didn’t look at the time stamp. Seemed easy to follow, but yea not worth it.

Thanks @TP-Dracoo That is what I will do.

They have more support and coding packages available and guides for your own repo.

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I have been using the Skeleton build from JayHawks659 since day one and have had no issues at all. It has just the stuff I need with no fluff or useless items. I use to do my own builds years ago because it was fun and I learned alot about Kodi. I’m too lazy nowadays and just like the minimum.