Creating Kodi Builds

Hello and welcome to “Creating Kodi Builds”. This is a forum for creators or people working on creating their own build, like me. What tools do you use.? What are your main add-ons? What made you want to create your own build? Is it for yourself or are you distributing it.

In my case, I am beginning to want a customized Build for myself. This way when I reset my device and use Troy’s Rapid App Installer, I can then sideload my own Build with my favorite sdd-ons and features and skin. Then I can work on it until it is perfect and I will distribute it through Git Hub.

Anyone who has created a build or is starting to create one join us for lively discussion with the best hobby in the world.

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I am learning Batch Installer for use in creating Kodi builds. I know there is a Kodi tool for this. Any other methods I should be looking at? Before distribution, I’m looking at creating my own custom build so I can quickly reset my system then use Troy’s rapid app installer and then sideload my build. That would be an easy quick setup.

Wouldn’t simply doing a backup of the build you currently like and then restoring it (through ES Explorer) satisfy resetting your own personal build? It’s how I keep all my devices the same. Just curious if we’re talking about the same thing.


@rickroig Sorta. I don’t really like any of the builds I’ve seen 100%. Plus most of them seem to be too large. Especially for Fire TV and Firestick users.

What I am studying is how to create a build with only the add-ons that I like and nothing more. No pages full of repositories and add-ons and files I will never use. A simple lightweight build that has exactly the add-ons I use and nothing more.

Appreciate your participation. Until I learn myself how to create my own builds, I will use your backup/restore method. I like it. Wish I’d thought of that. Thanks again.

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Hi @rickroig You gave me a wonderful idea. I am going to accomplish what I want using your backup and restore method.

First I want to search for the best build for me that has add-ons I use.
Then I will customize the build, side-loading add-ons it doesn’t have.
Then I can back up the build.
Finally, I could restore the build when needed.

This would not be for distribution as I would be piggy backing off of someone else’s hard work. It would only be for my private use. It solves what I wanted. A custom build. I have to do research and decide where I want to go with this but thanks man. You inspired me to try an easier way to get what I want.

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@rickroig How do I begin to backup and restore a build?

@rickroig Never mind. I figured it out . Thanks again.

What are the lighter Kodi builds? I’m looking for a lightweight build that I can customize. Any assistance will be appreciated.

I figured out what I need to create my own Build. This works for me. It doesn’t require programming. You can do this:

  1. Reset Kodi to defaults or install new one.
  2. Sideload a handful of your favorite add-ons. I used Four.
  3. Sideload the One Nation Portal for maintenance.
  4. Add Real-Debrid.
    Now you have a build you can use when you reset Kodi by backing up and restoring using ES File Explorer.
    Thanks to @rickroig for his wonderful suggestion for cloning your Build.