Crackstreams trouubleshooting

Anyone having any trouble using crackstreams? I just keep getting directed to ads and can’t get to any content.


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I would switch to a different app. On the rapid app look for stremio or syncler.

And kodi requires some tlc.

Guides to use all three on here. Are you using the rapid app?


No but what does strenuous have to do with crackstreams? I use silk to get to it.

stremio damn spellcheck


If you are getting nothing but ads I was suggesting to try some els to get content.

I’m not to familiar with crackstreams. We can wait for others advice on this matter.

What your using sounds like it’s just riddled with ads. I’d move on.

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Thanks for the response. Yeah I’m halfway to moving on but just thought I’d try the forum in a last ditch effort.


I understand that.

My personal recommendation would be:

Kodi (crew seren addon) real debrid
Syncler+ real debrid
Stremio. Real debrid.

Best trio combination I ever used. But use what works for you. Tons of stuff out there. Explore troy point app and unlinked.

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All work in Silk and I have tons more if you need them.


For sports these days the most reliable option is an unverified IPTV provider.


Silk has worked for me for 3 yrs. For sports it’s all I use. Saves me adding more apps I won’t use or thatdon’t work for me.


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I use

Thanks miki. I use Silk for and I’m very comfortable with it. Was using but it’s been unmanageable. Thanks for the alternatives.

You’re very welcome. Infortunately we’ve lost some amazing live sports links in recent weeks. There are many more though but the best ones like sportsbay and livenettv are gone. If you need more please don’t be afraid to ask. Have a great night.

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