Conflict of VPN’s on Nvidia Shield Pro

Negative on the rotating ip Android TV. Been about 12 mins and still same ip. iOS is on a 10 min rotation

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My router only rotates ip on certain servers.

On my iPhone, it has rotated on any server I’ve connected to. If I run Express with SS shut down, I don’t get any kind of conflict at all. I just chatted with support and they told me to delete the other VPN and the issue will go away. Lol

one way to get rid of the competition :sweat_smile:

With my vpn rotation I could interfere with it when I swap in and out of the sharks dns servers

I’m wondering if I moved Express to my external storage if that would stop the conflict SS has. Not one issue with Express shutting down with SS installed. It’s weird

have you tried shutting down one, rebooting and starting the other?

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I force stop the one I’m not using before starting the other one up while experimenting with this issue. I have rebooted twice now, once for each test

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How would SS even recognize Express if it’s not running & force stopped?

It’s still in the memory…guessing you’d have to reboot to clear it out…maybe fast task killer would do something…maybe worth a shot.

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I have SS and StrongVPN on my Nvidia and no issues either one or other connected

it is strange, generally with an app like that a re-boot works as long as its not set to auto connect

I downloaded Fast Task Killer through the RAI to see if using that after force stopping both and starting Surfshark. So far so good. Haven’t had any issue with Surfshark disconnecting

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