Concerts and Music Documentaries

Hi all.

I’ve been searching around for Concerts and Music Documentaries. For concerts, I’m referring to those released on DVD or Blu Ray or 4K as opposed to people filming them on their phones or music videos on YouTube.

So I built a list of some I knew I wanted to find using Trakt but when I tried to access them in Syncler or in various Kodi addons, it wouldn’t find any links for most of them.

I guess what I’m looking for is a repository or maybe even a special TV channel that shows these videos without commercial interruptions. It would also be nice to be able to look at a list of one’s available in case I find myself in the mood to see a concert from a particular artist.

Does anyone out there know of good places to find this content? Thanks.

Hi @MGB123
Some IPTV’s services might have have a channel or two; but I’m not certain as I don’t subscribe to any services currently. As far as repositories go, truthfully, I haven’t searched for any, but I got to believe there has to be a few.

Can you pm me an example of what you are looking for and I’ll do a search on some apps.

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