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I wanted a laptop with a newer gpu but after lets say 4 years or so i can just rebuild my pc instead of buying a new laptop.

However i may still get me one. Depends if my wife gives back my credit card aha. This is a hobby of mine, sometimes i work on builds with friends. My biggest pet peeve would be doing the work for someone and they try to overclock it without knowing what they are doing and screw up the power regiment completely.

64 gigs of ddr4 ram btw, overkill but love it.


This linux setup im on has 64 gigs ram…not needed…but it was looking at me :rofl: :sunglasses:

Proper over-clock is an art, Few successes but failed a couple others learning limits trying to increase frame rates. It is not only power regiment but air cooling which was 1 of my failures.
Seriously the latest generations of chips from AMD & Intel are shipped close to their limits it is not like in the past where you could squeeze 100MHz easily out of them.
Similar hair pulling with flashing a router with a VPN. 1 success 1 failure & quit.

All newer chips don’t need overclocking really, out of box they are just fine any speed increase from a overclock is not even noticeable. I have a new amd chipset its over 4 ghz, why would i over clock it? Lol but yes good point.


Hello @TP-Dracoo ,

I am from Belgium and I live from the Social Security System we have over here for long illnesses . This means an income of only € 1,200 a month, so I was introduced to Linux Ubuntu by an old friend :

I am very pleased that there is such a huge community behind this totally free and faster working O.S. for my refurbished Desktop (still an old HP Compaq Pro 4300 64-bit) .
But I must admit, I had a refurbished before this one, from DELL, that suddenly stopped working .

So the Ubuntu 20.04 that I ran on that crashed DELL PC is free of course, but I bought me some extra RAM going from only 4 GB to 8 GB, which was not cheap : € 74 for a pair of 2 GB 1066 Mhz DDR-3 RipJaws .

The second PC from HP also has but only 4 GB of RAM, but the RAM-slots are 1067 MHz, one MHz bigger than the old DELL ones, so now I will have to buy new ones again !

So even for simple games, I already have memory problems and no graphics card, which I even did not look for prices of these …

Maybe you have some good advice for me ? I would certainly appreciate it, thanks for reading,




It really depends on what you want to do with your computer.

Gaming isnt cheap nor is computer parts. Being on a fixed income isnt easy im sure. So basically it comes down to budget. Let me know what you want to do i will try to help.

There is budget builds and video cards around.

Hi @TP-Dracoo,

thanks for your reply, where you wrote :

Of course I would like to do as much as possible, even gaming for which I use Steam with Proton latest beta version for running on Ubuntu . But most of the games load very long, take hours to start and then don’t do nothing, like TM Star Trek Online .

Another one is also a 3D space game, don’t remember the name now (this game is on a separate Ubuntu Mate 22.04 partition), that ‘runs’ a bit, but one is too slow to react to attacks …

But for other programs besides games, Ubuntu is a very good AND FREE O.S. on which I use LibrOffice components, also following a course in Linux Commands at NetAcademy ( Linux Essentials course) .

And I have just started with a course for Affiliate Marketing, from which I hope to get some €1,000 extra a month after some moths from now .

Greetings .

You are starting to play games that require better cpu usage, faster ram, better video card. in your case id probably buy a pre built because parts not cheap, try looking into desktops or laptops with 16 gigs of ram and 3050 rtx cards, that should be a huge boost.

You cant get ddr3 anymore, its ddr 4 and 5… That would mean you need a new mother board for those ram types which means a higher cpu… it may be cheaper to buy a budget all in one vs parts.

Dell Computers and laptops are not hardware friendly.they basically almost force you to use their hardware to upgrade? at a higher cost! HP the only way to go imo

It is very helpful your advice, @TP-Dracoo !

I will do so, immediately look for a Laptop with such a configuration, since I can connect that to my TV using HDMI to play series and movies .

Thanks, you’re a great sport !

I believe Dell still has their G15 gaming laptop for $699.99. This is a great deal IMO.

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@AMD237 :slight_smile:

Thanks man . Should it be possible to buy it on credit ?
But anyway, I will look for this one everywhere .


@Hankbonk .

Most places allow credit, some do fiancing. Stay within your budget it will be hard for gaming but there is good choices out there.

I rebuilt my pc 4 times… lol i want a new vid card too. Its a hobby but its an expensive one.