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I installed TiviMate on a second Firestick 4K. First one has my Companion subscription on it, and works great. Tried to get the second one outfitted with Companion, but I clicked the NEXT button, logged on, said I didn’t have an account. So, just purchased a life time subscription, but I cannot get past the second NEXT button to enter my credentials to unlock premium. The three buttons are greyed out. What is the way to get this funcionality back, so I may unluck the premium. I don’t see a way to force a logout, as that button is greyed out as well.
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You can’t upgrade from a yearly to a lifetime using the same account until your yearly expires.

If you have an annual premium account you should have 5 connections. Use that one. I believe your lifetime will kick in when your yearly expires, but not sure.

Anyway, if you already have a premium account just use that until it finally expires.

Make sure you click off on any auto renewal!

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Thanks. I just had to wait about ten minutes. Tried it again and I’m fine. FYI, was able to buy a lifetime while I still have 3 months left on annual.

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Wow…that’s a new twist…how did you pull that off? Conventional wisdom says this below is how you have/had to go about moving from annual to lifetime…well done @MB26701 :+1:

TiviMate Renewal (345 x 246)


Well, I went through Blue Stacks but that shouldn’t matter?? I do need to check off the auto renewal for the annual.


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