Comments about Film+ and Kodi

I suppose everyone has discovered this, but maybe not.
So I have used Film+ and similar apps for awhile. While attempting to watch a movie in Kodi I checked a few Kodi apps and all links were 720.
So checked Film+ and found a 1080 link, selected it and played in Kodi from Film+.
The comment is I have been using Kodi to play Film+, Cinema links for awhile. While there are things I don’t really like in Kodi, search, for example, the player code is outstanding.
In the native apps if I pause the link will stop play back after I continue play within a minute or so but not when playing in Kodi
I don’t use debrid but between the links in Kodi and the other apps I can usually find good, usable links.
Just an observation.

Make sure you always have your VPN on. GL

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I’m still trying to figure out what to take from your post, but I will just say that Film + and Kodi are decent VOD tools. But they are only as good as the sources. Since you don’t pay for premium sources, you have to take what you can get from the free ones. Some days they will be good, some days not so good. Some days 1080p, some days max 720p. Nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t require 4k quality for your streaming satisfaction. I’m glad you are finding a way to view the content you enjoy, and that in itself is the reason we all enjoy Troypoint.

Cant name movies in those types of apps.

I think I said “C****y like” but that’s cool, the comment reads the same so thanks for taking care of that.

My point is you can play links from the others apps in Kodi and the code in Kodi does a much better job, IMHO. Sorry that wasn’t clear.

I gotcha now. It is weird the two would have different source links.