Collection Alphabetically listings UPDATE

@Matrix and @TP-Dracoo .
This is an update to my previous post on this subject, which was closed after 7 days in accordance with forum protocol.

I promised to get back with the reply from the developer, which is given below:

Create personalized home screen

Create personalized home screen

In the app you can create a personalized home screen containing only your preferred content.

How to create a home in TV UI

  • Browse to any row in the default home page. This can be any row under any menu (Trakt, TMDB, MAL etc).
  • Make sure you are highlighting a thumbnail in that row
  • Now press and hold your okay button.
  • A menu will be shown with options. Pick Expand this row
  • This row will now be expanded in a new page. Here depending on the content you will find various options to sort/filter the content on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Adjust your parameters to your liking.
  • When you are done, click Add to home button in the top right corner of your screen.
  • You should now be automatically navigated to your newly created personalized home with your very first customized row.
  • You can go back to any of the previous menus (i.e Trakt, TMDB etc) by pressing back on your remote and selecting the Home menu on the top left and clicking okay.
  • You can repeat this process to add as many rows as you would like in your home page. “Unquote”

I have tried this solution, but it doesn’t work on my device. I use a minix u22xj max Android OS. So, i am wondering if other users are experiencing the same issues. And i wonder if it works on non Android OS devices i.e firestick etc.


Thanks for the feedback. I see that you have opened new topic for this issue.

So as I see it developer has informed about the right settings you have tried these and not working.

Maybe there are more users with the same issue, but the point is that obviously the rules of the platform is indeed after 7 days the topic is closed.

In the previous topic there were many suggestions to solve the issue but here are few.

I don’t go about this only moderator can that @TP-Dracoo good that you both sent this message.

Wait until he makes the final decision to reopen this topic and or open new topic. But you opened again I think I will wait for Moderator response.
Thanks :+1:


I have installed Syncler successfully but can anyone advise how to get my trakt collection to show alphabetically please?

Many thanks.

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@Dak7385 Hi

Modify your Trakt collection sort settings in the interface settings section.

Your current sort will be by Collected At date and not title.

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@Matrix . Hi…i have been into settings and gone through every sub menu very carefully.

But I cannot find anywhere that allows me to set my collection alphabetically.

On the opening page, it shows Collection with an arrow to the right of the screen. If i click on it, it brings up my collection again, and in the top right hand corner an inverted 3 bar triangle.

If i click on that, i get a black screen with recently collected top right. Clicking on that produces a sub menu, beginning with default and ending in Votes. Recently collected is highlighted.
If i move the highlight down to “Title” and save, exit back to my collection, my collection is in alphabetical order.

However!..once i exist that page back to my home page and click collection, it has reverted to a non alphabetically listed shows/ movies.

I hope that explains my efforts to resolve this.



Well you’re doing it wright those are the settings in my knowledge, you have to change it one time then restart Syncler to see the results otherwise let me know.

Other settings you can change. Top left select Trakt (Not TMDB). Top right select “My Lists”.
List must be set public within Trakt.:+1:

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@Matrix . Many thanks for trying to help out.

Carried out the same procedure as my last post. Shut down app…reopened. No change and back to normal.

On my device, Trakt is set bottom left of screen. I do not have " my lists " and i do not understand setting trakt to public within trakt.


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Hi, pls remove the pictures, because it’s not accepted on this group.

I will check further for the solution.

@Matrix My apologies…i wasnt aware of that. Thks for letting me know.


No worry this happened often we have to help each other.

Here check this link, this is outside TP manuals.
There are many solutions with explanation in some you have to login to your track account to view.
Trakt Personal Lists

I have checked into Trakt and it is all set up correctly. This afternoon i wrote to Trakt and the Syncler developer for further help.

Trakt referred me to the developer.

I will let you know if i get a response from the dev.

I appreciate all your efforts to try and resolve this. Every other app i have is fine with trakt, along with kodi add ons.

I just wanted to see how good Syncler is. And will definitely use it. I can always set up Alphabetical order by setting up “Title”, as i advised in a previous post, whenever i use it.
Not a great issue, just slightly more cumbersome.

Many thanks.



Just going to leave this for you and everyone. Trakt does an amazing job and tracking your shows. But the app its installed on is in charge of havinf options for sorting by name date etc.

I understand why you want this, but as long as everything is saved properly its not a huge deal, if you notice netflix and Disney as far as i know dont sort that way ether. They have a watch list, thats exatly what trakt does.


@TP-Dracoo Thanks. Understood.:+1:

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Glad to help :hugs: if you have any other questions pls don’t hasitate to post. Good :+1:


I have merged these topics, you cant really sort your watch list by alphabetical order.

You will just have to deal with it unless the dev has done an update.

Keep in mind netflix and others dont sort your watchist that way. Disney plus you can sort your search that way but not the watch list.

@TP-Dracoo . Thank you for merging the topic. I raised a new topic because firstly, i didnt know how to reopen a closed one and more importantly, i did not think i had the authority to do so.

Hence my comment that i raised a new one because the original topic had been closed automatically.

I hope this has not broken any forum protocol.

I appreciate your comments about not being able to sort collections out alphabetically. I just wanted to keep my word that i would report back, when the dev replied.

Thank you.


Ohh no you are not in trouble or anything, im just keeping related topics together.

And if you need something reopned or closed give me a pm.

All is good sir. I appreciate the heads up on the responce from the dev, its helpful. Thank you.

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As @TP-Dracoo mentioned you can’t sort your watch list by alphabetical order.

You can give it try again to manage your lists from your account must log in.

Managing your lists.

When viewing your lists page, you can sort them using the dropdown in the top right. Click the Reorder button easily adjust the rank order by dragging the items around or click a number and type in a specific position.

If any user has the same issue and solved pls. post the solution. :+1:

@TP-Dracoo . Many thanks.