Coincidence or ? ALL of my Amazon streaming devices are failing

Granted… some of these Devices could be considered obsolete by dating back 4 years- but it seems that every Firestick, fire4k, litestick, and now Insignia firetv’s ALL seem to have either completely crashed or is on the brink of it with freezing, restarting, failing to launch apps, or taking an extreme amount of time to load one- all have ample storage available with extended usb storage, use with and without VPN, and regularly clean house with clearing caches and apps.
This is all happening so close to each other- almost seems like a crazy software mechanism installed by Amazon that detonates and expires the devices after a certain time of being in use/on the market-
Just wondering if anyone out there have noticed anything similar?

Nah Amazon wouldn’t dare add anything that would brick your device. A 4 yr old stick is pretty darn good. I updated mine about every 2 yrs as the new ones were released. I haven’t bothered with the new 2nd gen Max with FireOS 8. Waiting to see how things play out. The biggest issue is the devs releasing new apps for the new FireTV and not making them backwards compatible.

Have you tried to reset them to factory? My Lite still works wonderful. As long as you keep ample storage it should work fine.

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prob needs good clean up ie data and cache

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