Coinbase: Can't Verify

Anyone else had problems getting their account verified here?
When I try to buy crypto they say they need further verification (Official ID doc and a mugshot). As I’m in UK I need to use my passport but they keep rejecting it as unreadable. It’s a JPEG scan I’m sending (several different attempts) but still no joy.
Customer Service are no help. Does anyone have any ideas?

Coinbase is by the book, high security and very strict with everything and qualifing pics must be good and clear. Play their way or go away.

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Have you verified your account using a UK Passport?


Have to keep trying. Mind you i just did it with my cell phone.

By your use of the term “cell phone” I assume you are in the US. According to Coinbase this verification (which is requested at Step 4 of my account opening when I try to make my first purchase) can’t be done using the mobile app. As I’m not in the US my driving licence is not acceptable and I need to use my passport. The best advice/assistance for me will probably come from someone in the UK who is playing with the same cards as me because their passport is printed in the the same as mine and will have all the same stamps and watermarks, which Coinbase appear to find unreadable, as mine.


Im from canada actually, passports must be a new thing. It was never an option way back.

So hopefully someone from the uk can help, but a simple photo off the passport should work. Its no different in the process of driving license


Can you alter dpi in the scan? Try various quality settings? Not sure what you’re using to scan but the higher the quality the larger the file so keep that in mind.

Apologies eh! ;o)
“A simple photo” I used to think that, until I met f********n Coinbase.

as @TP-Dracoo said they might have upped their requirements due to all the security issues on the net. When I signed up waaaaaaaaay back it was just a copy front and back of drivers license. I do know they constantly are “up to something” which is good as they try to stay ahead of the game.



Im not sure if your trying to be funny or mocking me, im actually trying to help you. I can respect your frustration with coinbase, but i won’t tolerate disrespectful attitude towards anyone.

Please mind the bypass of fliters.

I do hope you get this problem resolved, as i said for me it was a simple photo. I have been verified for a long time so if they changed their process im unaware of it.

I used unverified services as well without id issues. You can try them if needed.

Hopefully you can solve this.

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Mine keeps say’n I’m not online and check my internet connection, took it off wifi and did it by mobile data and it worked.

No mocking or disrespect intended and I do appreciate that you are trying to help, you didn’t see the wink?
Yes, I am very frustrated with Coinbase.


I read it fast. All is well. I see it now. Hopefully someone who has done it recently in the uk can help, but when all us oldies did it, it was a picture and submit.


If you’re using VPN try it without, this could be due to higher security level from Coinbase processing systems, you want get verification if you’re using VPN.

Tried over the course of weeks mate.
This was with my driving license, got the same thing, too blurry, too close, too far away.
Gave up in the end, never bothered since.

I had a similar problem because of the “suffix” in my name and the way my State put it on my Drivers License, it was out of order. I had to open a case with their Customer Service to resolve and it took about a week. Finally got an email back stating it had been verified. It did come back later during a random request for verification, but I referred them back to the original case and it was once again resolved.

Yes, that’s exactly where I’ve got to. All a bit pointless.

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You all can try unverifed bitcoin stuff. Away from goverment id crap. But you are limited on what you can buy.