Codec AV1 vs h.265

When looking at newer Android boxes I have seen some going to the newer AV1 codec vs H.265 Is there any preference here? Pros and cons? Seems all the big wigs (Netflix, Google, Amazon, Nvidia to name a few) are getting behind the AV1 codec. An example would be MeCool KM2 box with h.265 codec vs MeCool KM7 box with AV1. I have read AV1 Saves 30% bandwidth over h.265 for same image quality. So what does that mean when streaming movies? Better compression rate and less buffering? Any feedback and help would be appreciated.

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AV1 is the future going forward. It will become the codec of choice and the industry standard. It does allow for higher compression and faster decompression permitting more info using less bandwidth. If, as claimed, in can deliver a file with 30% less bandwidth then that should equate to smoother streaming and reduce one of the buffering bottlenecks, bandwidth.


As new codecs get pushed software will be able to read it.

I’m sure there will be addons for this codec in the future. Right now it’s not huge. And typical if the software has the codec the player playing it will show regardless of the box unless a particular hardware feature is needed.

Picking up fast tho.


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