Cobra Series 3 Stremio

This new series started 12 Oct, according to Google.

Has anybody managed to watch any episodes on any other movie apk than Stremio, which currently still has no links?

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Is that series based on the Stallone movie 'Cobra"?

watched first two series on onstream waiting for 3 now

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no its called cobra rebellion good watch


@pirate77 . Thanks…hope it comes on stream soon. Series 1 and 2 were great.

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agree cant wait for it as well

your old school is showing :joy: :grimacing: :skull:

Yep…the old uns are best​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

@pirate77 . Just watching series 3 episode 1 on Film plus 1.8.7 ad free. Doesn’t work on film plus version 1.9.0 for some reason.

No subs…but ok

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great will give it a go thanks for info :+1:

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Enjoy…twenty characters needed.

got it binge watch tonight :+1:

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Hi I watched all three seasons and all the episodes of three seasons on beetv amazing no episodes on Cinemax couldn’t find it even with real debrid

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watched it all on film plus brilliant series